Tips for Selling Your House:

Selling your home is a huge decision and commitment despite what some may think. You've put a lot of time, work, money, and emotion into your home, and now that you've decided to move it’s important to remember to take the necessary steps toward getting your asking price and making the sale process as smooth as possible. Follow these steps for success:

1. Select the right agent: While some sellers can handle the sale process, most of us don’t have the time needed to sell a home. Choosing the right agent can make the entire process smooth, and knowing there is someone dedicated to working with you to achieve your goal is comforting. Click here to find a specialized agent to aid you in your home sale!

2. Cut off the emotions: Selling a house is an emotional process, and many sellers get caught up in the overall feeling of losing something they've dedicated a lot of time to. Taking your emotions out of the sale of your home is the first step toward making the sale process stress free. Once you cut the emotional attachment, the next step of the sale process is much easier.

3. Get the house ready: While the pictures of your family on your fridge are very sentimental to you, a buyer will not feel the same way. De-clutter your house. Remove as many unneeded and unnecessary items from your home as you can. Pictures, figurines, excess furniture, and anything else that does not absolutely need to be in the house should be packed up and put in storage. A buyer wants to walk into a house and envision his/her items in it – s/he doesn't want to be overwhelmed by a wall full of Elvis memorabilia. This not only helps the home look bigger and roomier, it also helps you get started packing.

4. Do minor maintenance: A buyer goes through a home and makes a list of all the things that will need to be fixed, replaced or torn out and will no doubt offer less if this list is a long one. Do your due diligence and make the process as smooth as possible by:

  • painting
  • replacing any burned out light bulbs or dated light fixtures
  • fixing any broken doors, windows, screens, locks, molding, or anything else a buyer will look at and want fixed
  • replacing or cleaning caulk and grout in kitchen and/or bathrooms 

You want to focus on minor projects as it’s likely you won’t see a return on your investment – don’t replace the deck if it’s still in good condition.

5. Clean and Spruce: While a buyer wants to walk into the home and not see clutter, they also don’t want to walk in and see dirt, grime, and disorder in a home. Clean floors and carpets go a long way, as do windows and their coverings, nooks, molding, and anything else that is subject to dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Adding a room freshener to a home is also a good idea, especially if you have any pets. This is also a great time to spruce up any front and/or backyards. Cut the grass, pull weeds, pick up any animal deposits -- make the outdoor areas as inviting as you can to those who may be interested in outdoor space. Click here to find a specialized agent to aid you in your home sale!

6. Get ready for open houses: Now that you've taken the initial steps toward getting your house ready for market, work with your Realtor on furniture placement, lighting, and it’s also a good idea to have family members or friends walk through the house and point out anything that could be put away or changed. Once all of this is done, you’re ready to go. Just remember to continue to keep the house clean for all potential showings and open houses. 

7. Sell your house: You've put in time, work, and maybe some extra money toward getting your house ready to sell. Your agent will take the reins now – s/he will handle all showings and questions from potential buyers. Be sure you ask as many questions as you can, and remember your agent is there to help you get the most out of your house. Enjoy this time and fingers-crossed for a top dollar sale! Click here to find a specialized agent to aid you in your home sale!